Naomi Elton was looking for a brand identity that was adaptable to a few other niches that she operates in. Naomi was keen to have water drops or water waves to be incorporated somehow in the brand identity, we tried a few different options and arrived at this very simply but striking identity

We've also worked on transfering the brand identity to a small site to showcase her services.

"I chose Adam over a web designer recommended to me as I loved his own web site, the ones he displayed there, I thought this said something! I could not have been in better hands! Adam was so positive throughout, he has such an incredibly can-do attitude.

I needed two websites and I feel I have had really good value. I had very half baked ideas in the beginning, and was on a steep learning curve with setting up my business, so I kept developing and changing my ideas. Adam was completely unfazed, and carried on putting all my ideas into action, mocking up choices for me.

If I had bad ideas, e.g. Adam would politely suggest certain colours might not go, and showed them to me, he was very encouraging with the good ideas, and had loads of his own. The project was really iterative and creative, such fun! - and Adam is really quick, he works odd hours and keeps totally on top of things.

The project was held up by my regulators, and by me doing more training, then having to change the text. Those who have seen my websites are really impressed as they have a lovely feel. I have nothing but admiration for Adam. I will certain keep coming back to Adam for refreshes when they are needed."